Daniel Nelson is the new coach of youth project

Daniel Nelson is the new coach of youth project

Irish Daniel Nelson became new coach of the youth project of PARMA basketball. 

In the interview for our web-site Daniel told about basketball in Irland, how he became a basketball coach and what goal does he set for the team.

- Tell about your coach career. How did you become a basketball coach and why?

- I started playing Basketball in primary school in PE class, at that time I played Ice Hokey more seriously, I played ice hockey for my country Ireland but the level of organisation was not so good so then when I moved to High School we had some players in that school who played basketball for club and for Dublin City representative, so I decided to follow in their footsteps and change to basketball more seriously. I started to play for Templeogue basketball which is the best team in Ireland for junior boys and then I played for Dublin City also.

When I was 18 I wanted to give back to the club I grew up in as a player so I started coaching kids as a volunteer. Quickly I realised that I loved coaching and helping players develop. 

I continued to play as well as coach, playing at division 1 and National Cup senior men’s levels. 

With coaching, I coached at the highest club levels of underage basketball and then crossed over to university men and semi-professional men , along the way I also coached with national teams in Ireland and Northern Ireland on-till the age of 26

I am a citizen of Ireland , Ireland is a small country of 5.5 million people however we take our basketball seriously and there are a lot of good coaches and players. We have had Male and female national teams in the past who have done well , however the economic recession in Ireland forced a financial collapse of those teams. Ireland’s underage teams are now starting to preform well again and grow again .

- Who inveted you to the PARMA and what's was your first thought bout it?

- Working with junior national teams of Ireland, I was in a trip to Turkey, that’s when I met Coach Mazurs as he was working with some Latvian Junior national team players at the time . It was in a camp that coincided with the World championship for men in Istanbul 2010 so it was a great place to meet basketball coaches from all around the world. 

Since then I have been coaching professionally in Australia, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom And then all around the world with international teams. I always stayed in touch with Coach Mazurs, we meet again at summer league in Las Vegas a few years ago and I always learn so much when we talk basketball. His career in European basketball and his knowledge is very impressive and I was delighted when the opportunity came up to work at Parma for Coach Mazurs and Mr Bashminov 

I would like to thank Mr Bashminov and Coach Mazurs both for the opportunity to work at BC Parma and thank all the people at BC Parma.

My first impression is that we have an established programme with Young players who have potential ,talent and hunger to improve. It is obvious that the schools and coaches in Perm have worked hard to develop players and I am delight to become part of a team of people who continue and add to this . We have an excellent organisation and excellent Coaches and Doctors. 
We have everything we need here to produce solid players that Perm can be proud of. 

- Whats target does you set working with young ballers?

- Our plan is to work hard and intelligently to grow leaders and role models, players who can play elite two-way basketball.
To improve their skill and build their bodies. 
These things take time and day to day commitment.
The players and coaches and schools have started this work along time ago and we are continuing everyday . All together we will raise players who can go on to play for Russia and PARMA. 

- You don't speal russian language, but not everyone in the team understand English. How you gonna beat this language barrier?

- Well first , I must learn to speak Russian bit by bit  I am excited about this challenge. It’s my first time in this wonderful country and I am looking forward to learning some words.

We want to produce high level players and A lot of basketball at those levels requires speaking some English with foreign coaches , teammates , fans ,media and officials. So working with an English speaking coach can be helpful for our guys. A lot of basketball terminology is easy in English and a lot of basketball can be coded in numbers or colours and this makes communicating easier. I am lucky to work with Coaches Artur , Yuri and the Doctors Yasha and Leonid and together we make effective communication with the players. 

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