Junior League

Junior League

58:81 (20:19 12:28 17:18 9:16)

Double-double issued just two players of our team:

Sergey Tkachenko (18 + 11pb)
Mikhail Lagutin (17+ 11pb)

On account of Leonid Chekomasov are 19 points.

Thus, after two rounds, "PARMA" got six victories in 10 games and advanced to the final round with 3 seats. Games "Final Eight" XVI JBL Championship will be held in Samara from 12 to 17 April. "PARMA" hit the Quartet "A3", where our competitors will "Junior Team" (Moscow), "Ural JBL" (Ekaterinburg), and "WUC DYUSTS" (Chekhov).

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