"VEF" - "PARMA" 91:80

"VEF" - "PARMA" 91:80

Immediately after the starting face-off, the site owners made it clear that they are attuned to "Parma" seriously and will not give any concessions. 7: 0 for one and a half minutes of playing time and Vyacheslav Shushakov was forced to take a timeout. After talking with the coach, the team got into the pressure, but the players of the VEF did not embarrass, and they continued to monitor the game. The Riga rings did not want to accept the throws of the "PARMA" players, which is not to say about the opponent's attempts. As they say, houses and walls help. It is not known what exactly helped the VEF show the percentage of the game under 80, but after 5 minutes of playing time, the advantage of the Latvian club was double-digit. Sometimes the ring did not take even 100% of the shots from under the ring. With the release of Jordan Callahan on the court "PARMA" began to play at a higher speed, which positively affected the account. A mini-jerk and a difference in the score are already at the distance of two three-point shots. 22:15 after the first period.

The second quarter was opened with an accurate throw with the average all the same jet legionary of "PARMA" Jordan Callahan. I was supported by team-mate Konstantin Bulanov by an accurate hit from behind the arc. An equal game ensued, in which the value of one possession increased. If the basketball players "Parma" scored, mainly in a positional attack, then the WEF responded with rapid breaks and free throws. By the way, players in black form actively went under the ring and earned personal comments. All this resulted in 5 fouls Konstantin Bulanov before a long break. It is worth noting the confident game of Ivan Nelubov under the opponent's ring. Against the former team, Ivan showed a high class of the play at post. To the great joy of the Latvian fans, Janis Blums, once again demonstrated the title of "sniper" and scored two three-point shoots in two attacks. The players of "PARMA" could not answer this, and the difference again became double-digit. 44:32 in favor of VEF after half.

The third period began with an exchange of exact hits of basketball players of both teams. The activity of all basketball players in the attack was embodied in the higher effectiveness of the match in the first minutes of the second half. But, unfortunately, the "PARMA" players could not support it throughout the whole period. What can not be said about the players VEF, led by Janis Blums. The Latvian team brought down the "hail" of shots from the distance, both three-pointers and from five to six meters. And if the VEF did not get from the distance, then he scored with a foul from under the ring in the aisles. The third quarter "PARMA" can write to itself in the passive, although the team did not score less than in the previous quarters. 72:49 before the last game piece.

After receiving Vyacheslav Shushakov's instructions to play "fist", the players of "PARMA" immediately began to play a combination that brought sucess and Domagoj Samac stood on the penalty line. The team in a good way wound up and began to reduce the backlog in the account. In many respects, this was made possible thanks to a good team defense, which several times prevented the VEF from being thrown in 24 seconds of possession. In the attack, the "PARMA" players showed individual skills. That there are only a few beautiful passes of the captain of the team-Sergei Chernov under the ring. The Domagoj Samac, who gave out the resultant stretch from several three-point and pass-throughs in a row, played. VEF on this occasionally "snapped" throws from behind the arc. But in return received a quick attack led by the "reactive" Jordan Callahan. At the end of the match, when "PARMA" reduced the gap in the score to 9 points, the head coach of VEF was forced to take a timeout, which did not allow a miracle to happen in Latvia. 91:80 not in our favor ended the match. Now "PARMA" will leave for Belarus, where on April 2 a match against the local "Tsmoki-Minsk" will take place.

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