27 points of Kenny Boynton did not allow "PARMA" to get the first victory of the season

27 points of Kenny Boynton did not allow "PARMA" to get the first victory of the season

  Whistle, kick-off. The ball is in the air. 5 thousand fans who came to the match, immediately began to drive "Parma" forward. It is worth noting that the players have experienced this. Maxim Dybovsky already in the first attack in the aisle opened an account in this meeting. In the next attack, "Nizhny Novgorod" responded to Peter Gubanov. Teams aggressively defended against each other and did not allow to make a fast breaks. This density of guardianship affected the effectiveness of the match, which was far from the name "high". Incredibly active meeting began Ivan Nelyubov, who over and over again beat Alexander Gudumak. Partners felt this, actively loading Nelyubov with the balls in the "low-post", and when the center of "PARMA" was tightened security, followed by a discount in the corner and an accurate three-point shot. One of which was recorded at his own expense by Ivan Ukhov. By the way, Ivan kept his promise and dedicated a hammered throw to all the fans with a gesture "from the heart". But Nizhny Novgorod, struggling for the playoffs of the VTB United League, was not going to give up and demonstrated a well-organized, organized game in the attack. Due to the leaders of the team Kenny Boynton and Pyotr Gubanov, the Nizhny Novgorod organized a mini-jerk, which allowed them to lead 7 points in the account. Despite the efforts of Jordan Callahan, Nikolai Zhmako and the rest of the team, it was not possible to catch up with Nizhny Novgorod's team. The first quarter ended in favor of BC "NN" 25:18.

The second quarter began with the exchange of teams accurate hits. At the site continued a viscous, not productive game with a lot of blunders and struggles. Ivan Nelyubov continued to play very actively under the rival's ring, upsetting the center "Nizhny Novgorod" semi-hooks. And if the first three minutes of the second quarter were not very spectacular, then "PARMA" gave a jerk, which contributed to the three-pointer Konstantin Bulanov, Sergei Chernov and the ball with a foul all the same Ivan Nelyubov. The pace of the game has increased significantly, our basketball players have reduced the difference in the score to a minimum, and in the voices of the fans began to listen to excitement. Both teams pressed each other, exchanged quick breaks and forced each other to make mistakes. An equal score of 41:41 after half the match is best illustration of the game.

In the third quarter, an aggressive, fast game continued on the court, but this did not manifest itself in a large number of jammed throws. "PARMA" well moved the ball in the attack and gained a lot of free points from under the ring, and 22 team transfers in the final game statistics - to confirm this. But not everything worked out so well: Ivan Ukhov and Konstantin Bulanov got fast fouls. The latter was one of the most effective in the "PARMA" and four personal comments in the middle of the third period did not foretell anything good. The Legionnaires of Nizhny Novgorod were particularly active on a foreign shield, which allowed them to score second chance points. In addition, Kenny Boynton played, which cut through his passages defense of "PARMA". And although the NN organized a small leap that allowed the team to break away seven points from the "PARMA", Ivan Nelyubov and Sergei Chernov reduced the gap in the score before the final period to the distance of one accurate throw. 55:57 in favor of the guests before the final game cut.

The last quarter began with the "tree" of Gubanov, but Maxim Dybovsky found his answer to the leader of Nizhny Novgorod. At last Sasha Zagorac got from the distance, who, unfortunately, could not "find" a shot in the course of the match. Basketball swings began, and UDS "Molot" literally exploded after every successful action of Perm basketball players. The main "villain" who spoiled the mood of all the players and fans of "Parma" was the active Kenny Boynton, who did not want to release "Parma" in the lead. To help him came another legionnaire - Dijon Thompson. Dijon active play under someone else's ring, literally, scratched repeated opportunities for his team. Three minutes before the end of the match and Jordan Callahan three-pointer compares the score and makes the hearts of five thousand fans fight more often. Arthurs Stalbergs was forced to take a timeout. To great regret, in a minute and a half of playing time, Nizhny Novgorod organized a spurt of 9: 0, which "PARMA" could not play. Then, Maxim Dybovsky and Konstantin Bulanov scored complicated balls, but NN to let him close to him did not allow. 75:84 in favor of BC "Nizhny Novgorod", and "PARMA" goes on an off-road tour in an attempt to obtain the long-awaited first victory of the season.

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