Domagoj Samac: "The guys took me well and immediately helped me feel like part of the team."

Domagoj Samac: "The guys took me well and immediately helped me feel like part of the team."


Smiling, cheerful, good-natured - this is what creates the first impression of the newcomer of the basketball club "PARMA" Domagoj Samac, who arrived in the team to strengthen in early March. Domagoj managed to play three games in the "PARMA", in which he scored an average of 9 points per game.

- Hello! Almost a month has passed since the moment you came to Perm to join "Parma", tell us how you were met in the team, how do you like Perm?

-Hi. The first thing you pay attention to here is the weather. Of course, for me it's very unusual to see the negative temperature on the thermometer at this time of year. But I do not see anything terrible in this. The city, in general, I liked, but I did not have so many places to visit, so I can not say objectively. As for the team,  "PARMA" have excellent guys who are not only good on the court, but also friendly and sympathetic outside of it.

-You came in the second half of the season, how hard it is to join the team when most of the games are over?

"Well, it's clear that the guys have been playing together for a long time and their team chemistry was lined up, but the guys took me well and immediately helped me feel like part of the team. I really appreciate that.

-How do you like the first games for "Parma"?

"As the last games showed, we can play on equal terms with the best teams of the VTB League. For example, the game with "Khimki". We showed character and skill. We did not have enough to beat the European level team. I think we played quite aggressively and looked like a team on the floor. I'm sure if we continue in the same spirit, we will win a few games before the end of the season.

-Okay, they sorted it out with basketball. Now let's move a little from basketball. Tell me, how do you spend your free time here? Maybe you have a favorite place?

-In my free time, I either watch movies or play computer games. Yes, yes, I love playing Dotu (laughs). Ready to call any. And about favorite places in Perm ... Probably, this is a hypermarket "Semya". It is next to my apartment and there I can buy everything I want. Sometimes I can give myself freedom and pamper yourself with fast food, but this is only on weekends.

- By the way, have you already tried the local cuisine? Maybe you heard something about posikunchiki?

-How how? The posikunchiki? No. For the first time I hear, but I managed to try several dishes from Russian traditional food. Russian is similar to Croatian. It helps me feel at home.

-And is there anyone who prepares you?

-Oh no. I have neither wife nor girlfriend.

-Is the opinion that in Russia the most beautiful girls in the world. Do you agree with this?

- Partly. Of course, there are very beautiful girls, but in Croatia is not worse (laughs).

-Suddenly, will you meet your soul mate in Perm on basketball?

-Hahaha, it is not excluded. In Perm, so many people go to basketball. But, during the matches, I concentrate only on the game, so I do not have time to look around.

-This interview will be read by many fans, what would you like to wish them?

-Thanks for the support, guys. You are very cool! In such an atmosphere it is very pleasant to play basketball and I want to give my best to pay you back with a good game. Come to support us on March 26 in a game with "Nizhny Novgorod". It will be cool!

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