The score was opened by the captain of "PARMA" Sergei Chernov, striking the ring of the opponent because of the three-point arc. Both teams were set to win, which manifested itself in a lot of fighting and tough contacts. The tight guardianship of the players of both teams affected the effectiveness of the game. The first three minutes of playing time, both teams scored no more than 10 points for two, but then Ivan Ukhov scored 4 quick points in 30 seconds of playing time. On the court was mainly a positional game in the attack, practically, without quick detachments. Equal play in the first period, equal to the score - 14:14.
   In the second period, a contact, dense game remained on the site. Basketball players of "PARMA" stretched the defense passages under the ring TEMP-SUMZ-UMMC and found free partners on a three-point arc. The teams staged a shootout with throws, in which "Parmf" was represented by Ivan Ukhov, and Anton Glazunov at TEMP-SUMZ-UMMC. In the defence "PARMA" forced rivals to give cross-transmissions, which were almost always intercepted. But quick breaks were a rare exception in the composition of both teams. Ivan Nelyubov, who scored 4 points in two consecutive attacks, joined the fight under the ring. A viscous game with a lot of fighting - that's what the first half of the meeting, won by PARMA, with a score of 31:29, will be remembered for.
  The third period, "PARMA" began off the bat: in the first attack, Maxim Dybovsky and Alexander Vinnik played aley-up, which in a good way led the team. After such an emotional beginning of the second half, "PARMA" gave a jerk, thanks to the long-range hit of Ivan Ukhov, the long-range middle hit of Sergey Chernov and the "three" of Maxim Dybovsky. This jerk brought the "Parm" forward, and the coach TEMP-SUMZ-UMMC was forced to take a time-out. After a frisky start, the game calmed down a bit, and the pace of the game returned to the familiar for this game. None of the teams scored in the last 4 minutes of the third period more than 10 points, but thanks to a breakthrough in the beginning, "PARMA" was leaving with a comfortable advantage on the final quarter.

  The last period began again with the hit of "PARMA" players. This time Sergey Chernov opened the period with a long middle hit. The game was drawing to a close, and the team did not even think to reduce the pressure and aggression. A good mood for the whole match and concentration on both ends of the pitch allowed "PARMA" to increase the difference in the score. Players Perm team continued to stretch the defense passages and discounts, which culminated in accurate long-range hits. The difference in the match became double-digit for the first time, and trying to reduce the difference in the score, TEMP-SUMZ-UGMK offered "PARME" pressure throughout the court. But our basketball players with honor passed it and quietly brought the match to victory. 65:55 in favor of the BC "PARMA" and the bronze of the Rossi Cup in basketball of the season '16 -'17 goes to Perm.

Today, the youth team of the BC "Lokomotiv-Kuban" was stronger with a score of 89:67.
The most productive players in the "youth" of "PARMA" were Dmitry Prokin (19) and Kirill Arkhipov (14).
Tomorrow our guys will try to take a revenge.
Coach of the youth team of BC "PARMA" Alexei Shlyapnikov:
- "Locomotive" scored a good move. Their last victory of +20 over CSKA Moscow, the confirmation.
Before the tour it was clear that you have to reshape the line of defense. Platunov and Khozyashev are in the location of the base. A huge number of losses and a lost shield led to defeat. In many moments, not understood on the insurance. Today, we'll arrange a video pickup. It is necessary to change the situation!

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